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Light and Full Load Transportation in the UK

Reliable & Cost Effective Haulage Solutions!

UK Haulage Services, transportation
UK Haulage Services, transportation
UK Haulage Services, transportation
UK Haulage Services, transportation

Haulage Services

We are a Bolton-based family haulage business. We have two curtainsiders and one with a sliding roof that can accommodate large equipment, such as turbine machinery, with the help of a crane. We also have one skeletal trailer. By having a variety of vehicles, we always ensure that we choose the best trailer for for your products. Not only do we take great care with your products, but we also ensure that they arrive at their destination quickly and safely. For further details, please look at the services we offer below. Please contact if you have any questions.

Light, partial and full load haulage

Our wagons are equipped for all types of load, from light, to full we will give you a free estimation quote of prices for the price of transporting your goods from our location in Bolton to locations throughout the UK.

Freight Storage

If your business regularly transports larger orders of goods, you'll know how crucial space is. We can securely and safely store your products temporarily before the delivery needs to be made. This ensures the shipment being more efficient with fewer wagons with shared delivery locations. For a free quote, please call us today.

Regional and Long Hauls

This would be a long drive, but our services at Alfie Adams Transport can also travel to Europe if necessary. Regional deliveries could require day trips, but we also provide next-day delivery, in which one of our team members would drive through the night to make sure your goods arrive the following day. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need this service.

Pallet Haulage Delivery

We also specialise in the transport of bulk goods. Your pallet is loaded securely with us by using strapping, stretch wrap or shrink wrap and will journey through the country until it reaches your destination. 

Haulage wagon UK

We are located near all major motorways, ensuring reliable delivery. Call us Today!

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